Romasafe™ Cordless Shade System

The Romasafe™ Cordless Roman Shade System is ideally suited for use with any typical sunscreening or blackout roller shade fabric. It can also be used with many drapery fabrics to make flat, pleated, and hobbled style Roman Shades. This page features a cordless pleated shade made with Sheerweave 5000 shade fabric. Other Romasafe™ shade styles are pictured in "other shade configurations".

Romasafe™ Cordless Roman Shades are made by forming horizontal pleats across the back of a shade panel using the patented Romatech™ No-Sew Roman Shade Batten System.

The shades are then fitted with UV treated clear polyester bands, band guides, and a lift mechanism, manual or motorized, tucked into a cassette at the top of the shade.

Roman Blind Making

Romasafe™ Cordless Shade System Benefits

  • An unlimited choice of pleat spacing.
  • Pleats without pinpricks of light.
  • Easy to operate spring-loaded manual lift systems - precisely matched to the weight of the shade.
  • Motorized lift systems - the cassette is designed to accept many types of motors from a wide variety manufacturers.

Romasafe™ Band Guides

The patent-pending Romatech™ band guides are made from clear polycarbonate and self-align in the back channels of the aluminum Shade Battens.

Romasafe™ Cassettes

The body of the patent-pending cassette is a sturdy aluminum extrusion about 3" deep and 3.5" high.

The front of the cassette curves down and around to cover the front and bottom of the lift mechanism. The shade hangs from a "no-sew" channel at the bottom of the curve. The top of the shade fabric panel wraps up and around the front of the cassette and fixes to the top. The back of the cassette extends down about 1.5", leaving the bottom, back quarter of the cassette open for the lift bands to pass through without obstruction. The top and back of the cassette have flanges to accommodate universal IM/OM brackets.

The cassette is designed to hold a variety of heavy duty lift mechanisms such as spring-loaded tube reel lift systems and motorized tube-reel lift systems. The cassettes are closed on the ends with end caps. The end caps can be modified to incorporate lift system brackets.

Assembly of Romasafe™ Cordless Shades

Assembly of Romasafe™ Cordless Shades